Golden pheasant

Golden pheasants are by far my favourite bird because of their beautiful plumage.

They are, yellow, red, black, gold, brown, blue, orange, purple and green.

The females are not quite as impressive because they only have, dark orange,black ,white and brown like a normal female pheasant but with shorter legs and a longer tail.

It’s close relative, the Lady Amherst’s Pheasant,

is also pretty but looks a bit like a juvenile compared to the magnificent Golden Pheasant!

The Lady Amherst’s pheasant is also less common than the Golden Pheasant:

Golden pheasant:

500-1000 pairs

Lady Amherst’s Pheasant:

100-200 pairs

But both Pheasants must be definitely sought.


plant facts:

snorkel roots

all roots need to breathe. the swamp cypress grows in boggy places where the soil has little oxygen.

how does it do it??

A: It sends up snorkel like roots to breathe!!!

whiffy plant

the skunk cabbage has a terrible smell.


The smell attracts flies that help pollenate the plant!!

disgusting but true!!:

Bears eat the skunk cabbage’s roots to help it do poos after winter!!


the monkey puzzle got it’s name from  when it was  first grown in england

because it’s owner joked that it would be too hard for a monkey to climb!!

name: grape hyacinth      where found: in my garden