Today I saw something yellow in a tree in our front garden.

I called my dad and he looked at it through his binoculars and said it was likely to be a fungus.

Me and my dad took a few photos of it and we posted the photos on ispot.

After five minutes someone called Chris Brookes replied and said it was likely to be a Yellow Brain fungus.

Golden Pheasant – Where to see them

Recently I went on a site called ‘wild about britain’ and I found out where Golden Pheasants and Lady Amherst’s Pheasant lives!!

A great places to spot the Golden Pheasant is:

1. Wolverhampton triangle*

2.sculthorpe moor

And great place to spot Lady Amherst’s Pheasant is woburn.

*I support wolverhampton wanderers!!

Runaway Razzi

A zebra and a shetland pony have been caught after the pair have been spotted running for hours on end in New York.

They were seen trotting through the streets of staten island after they both escaped from a petting zoo.

It took park rangers and the police to capture the daring duo unharmed.

The 15 year-old shetland pony is named Casper and the zebra is named Razzi.

wildlife watchers!!!

on wednesday I was sick and i had a temperature so I had to stay off school unfortunately.

But it was actually quite lucky I stayed off school because something very special came in the post!!

I was sitting watching the birds at the feeder from my kitchen when I heard the post come through.

I thought everything was going to be for my dad or my mum but I got a big surprise!!

My dad came in and handed a special package for me.

It wasn’t just an ordinary letter because it was extremely bumpy and thick.

As soon as I opened it I could tell there was lots in there.

Then my dad came in and told me that I am a member of wildlife watchers, a nature company in sussex!

inside the letter was:

1. wildlife watchers handbook

2. wildlife watchers magazine

3. wildlife watchers badge

4. wildlife watchers membership card

5. stickers

6. letter explaining about wildlife watchers

On my day off I also saw some brilliant wildlife:



long-tailed tit

green woodpecker

and many more…