wildlife watchers!!!

on wednesday I was sick and i had a temperature so I had to stay off school unfortunately.

But it was actually quite lucky I stayed off school because something very special came in the post!!

I was sitting watching the birds at the feeder from my kitchen when I heard the post come through.

I thought everything was going to be for my dad or my mum but I got a big surprise!!

My dad came in and handed a special package for me.

It wasn’t just an ordinary letter because it was extremely bumpy and thick.

As soon as I opened it I could tell there was lots in there.

Then my dad came in and told me that I am a member of wildlife watchers, a nature company in sussex!

inside the letter was:

1. wildlife watchers handbook

2. wildlife watchers magazine

3. wildlife watchers badge

4. wildlife watchers membership card

5. stickers

6. letter explaining about wildlife watchers

On my day off I also saw some brilliant wildlife:



long-tailed tit

green woodpecker

and many more…

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