snow drift

Today I could not go to school because it was extremely icy and snowy and a lorry had broken down at Turners Hill, a town right in the middle of my route to school.

At about 11am my dad decided to try to get to school but when we got just past Turners Hill there was a huge snow drift blowing powdery snow right across the road.

Unfortunately my dad said it was to bad for us to pass so we couldn’t get to school.

A snow drift is like a sand dune but with snow hence ‘snow’ drift


Today I saw a pheasant for the first time in my garden!

It was a rather large male pheasant and it came really close.

I think it was looking for the seeds my dad left out for the regular birds,

robins and blackbirds.

I first saw it at out bird feeder eating the seeds that had fallen on the ground.

It then came right up to the front door eating seeds there.

I got about ten quite good photos of it when it came really close.

There was soft snow on the ground (unlikely for march) so we could see the feet and the tail marks clearly.

Once I thought it had gone and I sat down to have some ice cream but when I got up trying to see if it was still there, it was right by the door about  30cm away!

Unfortunately it got spooked and raced off into the bushes and I never saw it again that day.