London WWT 23rd July 2013

Today I went to London WWT as an addition to Arundel WWT. London WWT is in London (obviously) so it was an hour train journey. I wasn’t even past the visitor centre before I observed my first wild creature of the day. Unfortunately I didn’t see one but the song of the grasshopper makes up for it.

The people at the visitor centre told us that there was an otter feed at 11am or 2pm and I decided that I would do the 11am one because it was already 10:30. Unfortunately the otters were not Eurasian otters but Asian short-clawed otters. As it wasn’t long before the first otter feed started I thought I would just go for a quick walk not to far away from the otters. As I passed the lake for some international species of geese I saw a really good model heron posing on the rocks. As I got closer to get a good photo of it, I got a big shock as it suddenly flew away! It obviously wasn’t a model after all! As I walked towards the otters I thought what a great opportunity I just missed because the Grey heron was only 30 metres away! When I got to the otters the feeding hadn’t started yet but there was a school trip already there and it contained young kids who were always yelling. I still enjoyed watching the otters but it would of been better without the kids.

On the website a visitor to London WWT (probably a regular) said on the latest wildlife sighting page that there were Black Necked Grebes there which would be wonderful to see but incredibly rare. I were very inquisitive about that observation so I asked one of the park wardens about that. Every person I talked to didn’t know anything about there being a sighting of Black Necked Grebes for the past thirteen years. That made me even more curious so I posted a comment on the page that he wrote. I haven’t had a reply since.

It seemed that nearly everywhere I went I was either following the school trip or they were following me. As I was walking along a board walk in a reedy marsh I heard thunder above me. A few minutes later it started to rain really heavily so I sprinted as quickly as I could to the nearest hide. As I entered the hide guess who were already there? The school trip! They were yelling louder than usual and the windows were open. There was not a bird in sight. I don’t blame them!

As we got to the last hide the rain had already cleared up. The last hide was not a real hide as it was three storeys high and was called peacock tower. From the top floor it gave you a magnificent view of the whole London WWT plus the shard the London eye and Fulham football club!

From the peacock tower you could see:

  • at least 5 herons
  • cormorants
  • lapwings
  • woodpigeons
  • mallards
  • tufted duck
  • coots
  • moorhens
  • swifts
  • common terns
  • common gulls
  • black headed gulls

At lunch I was watching the lake just outside and I saw a beautiful ring necked parakeet fly into a tree! That was my third sighting of those birds!




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