I haven’t been to Hedgecourt for a long time so it was good to go there. There is a long woodland path to get there but you see most of the wildlife down at the lake. Hedgecourt is our nearest reserve and I love going there but today I saw 3 new species since I could remember! We saw 2 Comma Butterflies sunning themselves on the path on the way there and Wrens and Robins were also common sights in the leaf litter. When we got to the lake there was a big group of Mallards on the edge of the lake and there was also a small flock of Blue Tits in a Tree. As we walked along the edge of the lake I saw a House Sparrow take off from its perch on a wall and some Common Gulls soaring overhead. At the end of the lake we accidentally spooked some Moorhens but they only half swam/half flew a few metres before they relaxed again. When we got back to the other end of the lake I was delighted to see that there were 6 Great Crested Grebes on the lake, a family of 2 Mute Swans had joined the Mallards and a female Mandarin Duck was also with the Mallards! It was my first Mandarin Duck and I have looked everywhere for it, Heever Castle, WWT centres, RSPB Reserves and lots more places but I never thought I would find it there!!