Red Squirrel

I was trying to find a Garden Warbler in our garden so I was sitting outside with my chair against the fence. Suddenly I heard a scrabbling on the fence above me so I looked up and there, 30cm away, staring right into my face was a Red Squirrel! If I was in Northern Scotland or in one of the very few places that you can see them in England I would have been mildly surprised but I am pretty sure that there are no Red Squirrels in WEST SUSSEX… Until now that is. It went all the way round the garden to the front garden and we followed. It then climbed surprisingly well up a Monkey Puzzle tree then jumped from that to an Oak. It then sat on a branch close to the trunk and stayed there for 20 minutes continuously looking down on me. It then went down the trunk of the tree into a laurel bush where it continued it’s journey through next door’s front garden. We think it might of come from the British Wildlife Centre 5 miles down the road but it is still an awfully long way to walk. Or maybe there was a secret population in Sussex all along…

I put the Identification on Ispot, a website where you can post any photos, possible IDs, whereabouts etc. of an animal that you are not sure about. I have not got a reply from another member of Ispot yet but I will keep you updated.


My dad's Red Squirrel photo
Red Squirrel in my garden in West Sussex!
My Red Squirrel snapshot