‘Boris Johnson has a squirrel problem’

The first thing Boris Johnson said to the interviewer for the financial times was that ‘He had a Squirrel problem’
‘One of the singers in One Direction was attacked by a Squirrel in Battersea Park and was actually disabled’ He says. He also said that he would much rather the capital was inhabited by peace-loving Red Squirrels than the pop-star-bothering grey!
To have your say on the Grey Squirrels, visit the polls page.

Little Grebe

At my school (Ardingly College) we have a number of lakes. The biggest, Ardingly Reservoir, doesn’t have many birds but yesterday we saw two Grey Herons fighting and a Great Crested Grebe came so close that I could touch it if I wanted to. The smallest lake also usually is clear of birds apart from the odd Mallard but as I was walking back from the Reservoir there were 3 Tufted Ducks, three pairs of Coots and best of all, a Little Grebe! I couldn’t look at it long because the teacher said to keep walking. Instead I asked my dad who was picking me up to go left instead of right so we could park at the bottom of the hill and see if the Grebe was still there. It was there in its non-breeding plumage which is ahead of the Great Crested Grebes because both the Grebes on the Ardingly reservoir and Hedgecourt lake are still in their breeding plumage. I looked up Little Grebe on the BTOs website and it looks like they are quite rare in Britain = http://blx1.bto.org/birdfacts/results/bob70.htm

Hedgecourt – Possibly the best visit ever!

Only a few minutes after we got past the fenced bit I saw a brilliant creature! We heard some noise in the trees above us so we stared up there for about 20 minutes. Things kept dropping down but finally we saw it jump from one tree to another. We both said ‘Red Squirrel’ at the same time and sure enough it was probably the same Red Squirrel I saw only a few days before! A few metres further we saw some white birds fly and in front of us there was one of the best sights I have seen all summer, a group of 2-5 Turtle Doves! Further on we decided to stand and wait to see if any birds would come closer. When they did there was a whole host of different species but most of them were fairly common, including Blue tits, Great tits, Robins, Blackbirds and Treecreepers. On the path ahead of us I spotted a small thing hopping across that was so tiny I thought it was a Spider at first but it turned out to be a small Frog! When we got to the lake I spotted what I thought was possibly a Night Heron but when we got home my dad was sceptical about it but I had my doubts to. The Great Crested Grebes were there again, my favourite sight at Hedgecourt, diving frequently. Above us were the usual Black Headed Gulls but there were also one or two Common terns and Common Gulls. There was even a lone swallow pretending it was a Gull! On the way back I heard the very high pitched note of a Goldcrest and saw it hop about in a bush full of blackberries with a friend, the bird I have been searching for in my garden the day the Red Squirrel appeared, a Garden Warbler!