Little Grebe

At my school (Ardingly College) we have a number of lakes. The biggest, Ardingly Reservoir, doesn’t have many birds but yesterday we saw two Grey Herons fighting and a Great Crested Grebe came so close that I could touch it if I wanted to. The smallest lake also usually is clear of birds apart from the odd Mallard but as I was walking back from the Reservoir there were 3 Tufted Ducks, three pairs of Coots and best of all, a Little Grebe! I couldn’t look at it long because the teacher said to keep walking. Instead I asked my dad who was picking me up to go left instead of right so we could park at the bottom of the hill and see if the Grebe was still there. It was there in its non-breeding plumage which is ahead of the Great Crested Grebes because both the Grebes on the Ardingly reservoir and Hedgecourt lake are still in their breeding plumage. I looked up Little Grebe on the BTOs website and it looks like they are quite rare in Britain =