Ardingly: A Butterfly Haven?

Since Thursday the 13th of March, I have been seeing quite a lot of butterflies at Ardingly. The first butterfly I saw there was a Red Admiral, flying across the Headmaster’s Field towards a tree full of blossoms. The blossoms are why I think the butterflies go to Ardingly, every twig has at least one flower on it. I also saw a Small Tortoiseshell resting and feeding on a branch, one of two Small Tortoiseshells I have seen there. The second one I saw was trapped inside the chapel. The other butterflies I’ve seen at Ardingly have been 2 Clouded Yellows and 1 Brimstone. The reason I think Ardingly is a butterfly haven is because I have only seen 3 butterflies outside of Ardingly this year, a Clouded Yellow in our next door neighbour’s front garden and a Skipper sp and a Clouded Yellow in our back garden.

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