Saturday Morning Goes Off With A Quack

At about 8 am this morning, I was watching three Common Woodpigeons quarrel over some seed when two medium to large birds flew over. I thought that they were just going to carry on, but to my surprise they landed in our oak tree, about 10 metres high. At that point I was still not sure what they might be, though when they landed in clear view on a thick branch, I almost got the shock of my life: they were Mandarin Ducks, one male and one female!
I have never seen a male Mandarin in the wild before (I have seen a female down by Hedgecourt), so that made it even more exciting. I had been doubting ever seeing a male Mandarin even at Hedgecourt, let alone up a tree in my back garden!
The feedback I have received so far from iSpot didn’t contain much new information, though I am still waiting for other people’s theories. These are 2 of the comments:
1. Wortmaggot said: Maybe just taking a break between ponds. Or just on the look-out for new ones.
2. DD said: They’re hole nesters so looking for a nest site. They do like to be close to water so perhaps it’s an inexperienced pair.
I hope that I get more comments, and when I do I will post them here!

Aix galericulata

Aix galericulata

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