Camera Traps in the Bush…

Over Christmas I was lucky enough to go to South Africa for nearly three weeks, mainly staying at a suburban house in Pretoria but making trips to Kruger National Park and Pitse Lodge for 6 and 4 days respectively.

One of the highlights of my stay at Pitse Lodge in Welgevonden Game Reserve was being able to set camera traps for three nights. Our first night was by far the most successful, and I was able to see three animals I never dreamed of seeing on a camera trap! We set up two camera traps that night; one by a crossroads in a vlei which we hoped would be successful because we didn’t think animals like walking through the soggy ground and they could be coming from all three directions. Our second location was by the Lodge’s driveway, which is apparently very fruitful. It turned out that all three of those special animals were photographed at the first site: Porcupine, Brown Hyaena (with a possible baby antelope in its mouth) and an Aardvark! We would never have seen these animals on a game drive as they all walked past between three and four in the morning.

Here are the photos:

Brown Hyaena with young antelope (?)

Brown Hyaena with young antelope (?)





The rest of the times we put the cameras out we didn’t get much, but we did get a very large and delightful herd of Zebra coming through:



With calf

With foal

It was a very worthwhile experience!

2 thoughts on “Camera Traps in the Bush…

  1. very interesting as I am hoping to take one of my camera traps to Chobe and Okavango in March for the very reason that aardvark and other nocturnals are probably more common than we think.

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