Film Review: Creation (2009)

Title: Creation
Made by: HanWay Films & RPC (Recorded Picture Company)
This is the sad story about Charles Darwin as he struggles to write his most famous book, On the Origin of Species. He fights a mental war with the memory of his late daughter, Annie, which keeps haunting him in nightmares and illusions. He never says it, but Annie must surely be his favourite child as she is interested in everything he is and enjoys the stories he tells. He also has to write the book under the influence of his wife, Emma, who sought refuge in religion after the passing of her daughter.¬†All¬†historians should enjoy this film, as it reveals a lot about Darwin’s personal life and habits as well as what naturalists were like at that time. Did you know that he skeletonised pigeons? Did you even know he almost went mad writing his book? It also reveals how an average Victorian lived and behaved, including the wacky cures many doctors thought would work, and etiquette used in the era. A must watch for any naturalists and collectors.