Mongolian Dinosaur Bones

This is my first post on bones, I would love to do more but I’m not the luckiest of people with finding skeletons. I once found a freshly dead Robin, but somehow it was stolen under a bucket that was still upright. Unfortunately the bones that I am writing about today were not my find, but my dad’s.

My dad was very fortunate to be able to visit Mongolia on a birding trip while I was still beavering away at school. Understandably I was very jealous. But it wasn’t all birding, he visited the Flaming Cliffs and dug up some dinosaur bone fragments!

Mongolia is well known for its paleontology. The first ever dinosaur eggs were discovered in the Flaming Cliffs site of Mongolia’s Gobi desert. These eggs were discovered in 1923 by paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews who went on many paleontology expeditions throughout China and Mongolia. Chapman Andrews removed many of his finds from Mongolia. Now of course all bones must be left in situ, so the desert is strewn with small fragments. But there must still be big discoveries waiting to be made.

There are a few ways to tell bones from stones. The easiest method, and the one my Dad used, is that when a dinosaur bone is placed on your tongue, it should stick. It did, surprisingly well!