About the Longworth Trap

What actually IS a Longworth Trap (for people who don’t know)
A Longworth Trap is a humane way of trapping small mammals for scientific purposes or for general interest and is a great way of finding out what visits your garden (mammal wise). It is made up of two parts: the chamber and the tunnel. The mammal comes in through the tunnel to get to bait inside, and at the end of the tunnel there is a trip wire (sort of thing), which closes the door of the tunnel. The mammal will hopefully then go into the chamber, where there will be bedding and food for it to survive the night.
How do you actually set up the trap? (relatively important)
Once you’ve put together the trap (there should be instructions), the next thing to worry about is how and where to put it out. I usually put it where I know there is mammal activity, for instance underneath the feeder or in the mini meadow at the back of the garden, though you can put it literally wherever you want (though a shady spot is preferable)!
Once you’ve found a place to put the trap, you cover it up with leaves/grass so as to keep the trap warm in winter and cool in summer.

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