Are there any alternatives to Longworth Traps?
When I first became interested in mammal trapping (The New Amateur Naturalist, Nick Baker), I used Nick Baker’s idea of a home-made mammal pitfall trap. You get the lid of a pot or something similar and cut it to the size of the top of a glass. You then use a stick etc. to use as a pivot for the lid. You dig a hole near a mammal burrow and then put the glass inside and then the lid with the pivot on top. I would advise not to put it out when you know its going to rain – otherwise you get a wet Wood Mouse! (A tip: the glass should have smooth sides, so the mammal doesn’t escape!)
Longworth Traps are quite expensive, so a cheaper alternative is a trip-trap. It’s made of plastic and Wood Mice have apparently been known to chew through aluminium Longworth Trap so there’s a chance that a trip-trap will get damaged quickly. It is very similar to the Longworth Trap (except made from plastic) and is designed for occasional use.

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