What I’ve learnt

What I’ve learnt from the Longworth Trap (by myself and from iSpot)
1. Small mammals (particularly Bank Voles in my case) sometimes deliberately go to the Longworth Trap, even if it’s at the other end of your garden for food. Twice I have caught marked Bank Voles from our feeder outside a network of Field Vole burrows in the mini meadow.
2. Small mammals often live cooperatively with a different species. In the same set of burrows I have caught Bank Vole, Field Vole, Wood Mice and Yellow-necked Mice! Those burrows are underneath the feeder, which must be a popular spot!
3. Bank Voles are the easiest mammals to handle for beginners, you might have a bit of trouble trying to get hold of a Wood Mouse (or worse, a Yellow-Neck).
4. Field Voles don’t like to go in the traps as much as (trap happy!) Bank Voles. I put the Longworth Trap right outside of a Field Vole burrow (about fifteen metres away from the feeder) and Bank Voles still get there first!
5. Longworth Traps have domestic uses too. We caught a Yellow-Necked Mouse on our first floor landing, so they are a way to catch small mammals in your home. Always remember to release them afterwards though!

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