Moth Recording

To make the moth trap really worthwhile, you need to record the moths you see. I do this by putting all the records on a spreadsheet with the important details and then sending them to the Sussex county moth recorder at the end of the year when moth trapping is finished. Here’s a list of all the county moth recorders, both macro and micro:
The important details you need are:

  • The date you SET the moth trap
  • The name of the place you set the moth trap (often a postcode)
  • Grid reference
  • Number of the species
  • The species name, both scientific and vernacular (common) names
  • Sex, if the species is sexually dimorphic (the males look different to the females)
  • The Vice County number (see here for details –
  • The recorder’s name (you) and the determiner’s name (the person who identified the moth)
  • Method (e.g. ‘MV light trap’ if you are using an MV moth trap)
  • Stage, which is always ‘adult’ for moth trap records as you only catch adult moths in the trap.

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