Some New Book Reviews

Looking at my statistics page, the page entitled ‘Book Reviews’ appears to be quite popular. I hope this is because they are good and not just because the page is the second one after ‘Home’. I have realised that I don’t get quite so many page views after ‘Book Reviews’ though…

Anyway, here are some new book reviews. They will also be available on the ‘Book Reviews’ page.

Title: The Lichen Hunters
Author/s: Oliver Gilbert
Summary: This is a lovely collection of tales from the point of view of an experienced lichenologist, Oliver Gilbert. It retells stories from places like remote islands and mountains, the Lizard and various churchyards. This is not just a dry book about lichens, it is often exciting and even terrifying and spooky in some places! Unfortunately Oliver passed away in 2005, but this and other books by him will hopefully be a long-lasting legacy.

Title: The Carabidae (ground beetles) of Britain and Ireland
Author/s: Martin L. Luff
Summary: This is one of the few great detailed books for people wanting to identify what ground beetles are around them. I find that constant referral to the diagram of the beetle anatomy is needed, so some beginners might find the jargon quite confusing. However, once you successfully get to the end of the key, there is a lot of information about the beetle you have identified. This is a feature I don’t often see in keys like this and it is an easy way to check your identification.

Title: Concise Guide to the Moths of Great Britain and Ireland
Author/s: Martin Townsend and Paul Waring (Illustrations by Richard Lewington)
Summary:This is an easy-to-use, concise guide which is perfect for the beginner, the amateur and the professional. The illustrations are incredibly detailed, which is often needed for this type of identification, all done by “one of Europe’s leading natural history illustrators”. The wiro-binding design lets the book sit permanently open whilst you are peering at a moth, very convenient in the field along with the ‘waterproofness’!