Winter Thrushes

Finally! They are here. I have staked out by the window since the first of October, my eyes on the holly tree. Then now, on the 17th of November, 48 days after I started watching for them, a flock of Redwings flew from the left of our garden and landed on the holly tree. They then started to hop and fly around, so I didn’t have a good view, but now as I’m writing this, there are three of them perched on a branch. When they’re sat like this, relatively out in the open, you can admire the surprisingly bold streaks on their breast and the prominent red patch under their wing, hence the name Redwing.They are also surprisingly small, only about three times the size of a Blue Tit, which just happens to be foraging next to one now! They have two white eye stripes which are also quite prominent, below and above the eye that meet on either side of the eye near the beak and near the back of the head. Birds are usually more bold in real life than they are in bird books, I think. It is exactly 16:00 right now, which makes me both happy and sad. Sad because there is not much light to photograph them now because the sun is setting early and happy because they might roost in our garden! We are still expecting a Fieldfare (or a flock) to come and dine in our garden, so fingers crossed they will appear.