Early morning Hedgecourt

Straight after I had finished my breakfast I decided to go to Hedgecourt. This is the earliest time I’ve ever visited Hedgecourt, at 8:10 am. We didn’t see very much wildlife until water was in sight. When we arrived at the first bit of water, we saw about 30 Canada Geese fly in onto the lake but the foliage was so abundant so we did not have very good views. When we arrived at the end of the lake where we usually see all the Mallards, we could see that the water level had risen dramatically due to yesterday’s hurricane. The odd thing though, was that there were only 2 Mallards out on the water. The family of Mute Swans were there however, the cygnets are starting to look the same size as their parents! We also noticed that the Great Crested Grebes were closer to the shore than normal, possibly because we were the only people there. When we had seen all there was to see at that end of the lake, we decided to head back. When we arrived at the part of the lake where I saw the Canada Geese fly in, I decided to look at all of them through my binoculars again, just to make sure that they were all Canada Geese, not Barnacle Geese. As my binoculars were focusing on a Canada Goose on a boardwalk used by the yacht club, I spotted a fluorescent green-blue bird fly over its head. I knew it was a Kingfisher, a bird that I’ve only seen once before at Hedgecourt. It was very quick though, so I decided to carry on checking all the geese. When I was on my last goose, the aqua-marine bird flew past my binoculars again, but this time much closer. I swiftly took my binoculars off my eyes and saw the Kingfisher perched only 2 metres away on a branch sticking out from the water. In a split second it was gone, but that was enough to admire the great detail of the orange on its head.