Good Mourning, Dove

You’ve probably already read that I was lucky enough to go to South Africa for Christmas and I was able to go to both Kruger Park and Welgevonden Game Reserve.
At our third camp in the Kruger Park, Letaba, we discovered that some of the commoner birds were actually quite tame and used to humans. They were so tame in fact that I managed to hand feed two Natal Francolins and a Mourning Dove! It wasn’t long before I spotted that the Mourning dove had a ring on its right leg! It was very hard to read the ring because of the tiny lettering but after close scrutiny of photos and with my own eyes, I managed to read it.
I think the ring number was ‘PA19814’ and it told us to ‘Inform SAFRING University of Cape Town’.
Once we got back to Pretoria I looked up bird ringing South Africa and came to a site where you can record the ring you saw. We filled it in, sent it off and are now currently waiting for a reply, when I might get the details of the bird!
Here are some photos of the Mourning Dove:

Mourning Dove in the foreground; and the background

Mourning Dove in the foreground; and the background



Keep reading Jiainmac for a possible Part 2 if we get the details of the ringed bird…