A Swift Surprise

Recently I have been working very hard at school as it is assessment week, but our school is nice enough to give me a bit in return. Every morning when I arrive early I have to wait on the terrace overlooking the Headmaster’s Field and Garden, all the way down to 9 Acre and beyond. Also, our school has been standing for a while so there are many nooks and crannies under the eaves. And guess what likes to nest there… House Martins in their numbers! So far this season House Martin numbers have climbed from 5-6 in the first week of term to 30+ now! It’s not just House Martins either, Swifts too! There has only been one pair around the school since a week after I first spotted one, then there were two pairs but one probably just wasn’t interested. I haven’t seen the Swifts go into a nesting site yet, but remember that they are quite late nesters. I didn’t see a single Swift last year so that’s a bonus for me, especially as I saw them as early as early May, when they were only just arriving in the county!